Full-Service Dallas Water Mitigation

We’ll put our 35 years of experience to work and make it like the water damage never even happened!

Water Mitigation
Water Mitigation
Water Mitigation
Water Mitigation

Dallas Water Damage Restoration

Even a small amount of water entering your home can wreak havoc, and the longer it sits, the more damage it does. That’s why our Dallas water damage restoration team responds quickly to your call for service and puts our 35 years of industry experience to work to minimize damage and return your home to its pre-event condition.

The team at UES Contracting understands that the restoration process can seem daunting, but our veteran-owned business offers all the services you need. We even have a certified insurance adjuster on staff, so we know exactly what your insurance company needs to process your claim without delay.

For any type of water damage restoration across North Dallas, our proven experience, commitment to excellence, and competitive prices make UES Contracting the trusted choice.

Full-Service Water Mitigation for Your Dallas Home

According to FEMA, it only takes an inch of floodwater to lead to more than $25,000 in damage. The damage can include the need to replace cabinets and flooring, repair electrical, replace or dry out walls, and so much more—and that’s all after thorough water removal services have been completed.

The fact is that flood restoration is a big job, and it’s one that must be done right in order to prevent additional issues down the road, such as mold and rot.

UES Contracting is the company to call when you need water mitigation, and we offer many benefits including:

  • Fast Response Times

  • 35+ Years of Industry Experience

  • Highly Skilled Crews

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Available Financing with Attractive Terms

  • The Best Warranties in the Business

From Floods to Water Heaters: Recovering from the Unexpected and the Everyday

It’s not always a flood or driving rain that causes the need for water cleanup services. Water heaters are another common source of trouble. Ideally, when your water heater is installed, it’s set in a pan that can contain some water and is also equipped with a drain that will allow additional water to exit your home. Unfortunately, many are not installed properly, so a leaky water heater can become a huge hassle.

Depending on where the water heater is located, you may not notice a leak for several days or even longer. The location of the water heater also makes a big difference in terms of the amount of potential damage. A leaky water heater in the garage is far less likely to cause damage than the same leaky appliance in the attic.

No matter where your water heater is located or the extent of the damage, our water remediation services will make it like the leak never even happened.

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Mike H. 2 years ago

Better than I expected!

It went great better than I expected, the work was than faster than I expected, and the service was pretty good, the roof is good, the gutter is good, the fence was good. The price was competitive and better than most competitors.