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There are some things you don’t want to put off when it comes to home repairs. A roof replacement is one of those things, due to the speed with which damage can spread. For example, what starts as a small crevice in your roof can let in significant amounts of water over time. A situation like this can lead to a costly roof repair, and possibly a full roof replacement, that could have been prevented.

UES Contracting is a veteran-owned roofing contractor whose staff have over 35 years of experience and knowledge in the industry. We work with you to keep costs low and protection high. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Quality Roof Replacement and Repair

  • Multi-Family Roof Replacement

  • Brand-Name Products

Quality Residential Roof Replacement and Repair

We repair residential homes at affordable rates. Whether you need a quick fix for a small section of damaged roof shingles or a full roof replacement, we can work to get your roof inspected for existing damage and develop an action plan to get your home in top-shape as soon as possible. We have several options of roofs to choose from depending on your style and budget, including flat roofs, asphalt shingle roofs, and metal roofing.

Fast, Multi-Family Roof Replacement

When weather causes widespread problems like hail damage or wind damage to your commercial residences, we know you want to take care of repairs right away to keep your own customers happy. We can perform an extensive roof repair on your multi-family buildings, such as apartments or condos, and have your business back up and running in no-time. We are committed to making your repair experience as fast and easy as possible.

Durable Brand-Name Products

When we replace your roof, we don’t use just any roofing materials. Our experience in the roofing industry has helped us test many different products, and we’ve stuck with the ones that get the job done. We use only the best materials like Owens Corning and CertainTeed shingles, brands that are known for outlasting even the harshest weather conditions.

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UES Contracting is here to help you keep your Allen home safe and secure. By reaching out to us, you can get a free, full roof inspection by a trained roofing specialist. At the end of the inspection, you’ll receive a report detailing any of the issues that were identified during the check. Our commitment to local homeowners is one of the many reasons we are a trusted name in local roofing services.

$1,000 Off Your Roof

Replace your old and worn roof before it becomes too late! Let UES help you out with this limited time offer of $1,000 off your roof.

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$1,000 Off Your Roof

Replace your old and worn roof before it becomes too late! Let UES help you out with this limited time offer of $1,000 off your roof.

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Mike H. 2 years ago

Better than I expected!

It went great better than I expected, the work was than faster than I expected, and the service was pretty good, the roof is good, the gutter is good, the fence was good. The price was competitive and better than most competitors.